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AboutPresenting a selection of antique French furniture sourced from across Europe by Charles Benjamin, Acroterium's online store offers an array of wonderfully stylish seating for the home

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A Louis XV fauteuil en cabriolet by Jean-Baptiste-Claude Séné

£ 2,800.00 GBP

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Jean Baptiste Claude Sene Louis XVI Armchair

£ 2,400.00 GBP

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Louis XV Fauteuils en Cabriolet by Jean Baptiste Gourdin

£ 3,600.00 GBP

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A Pair of Early Louis XV Fauteuil à la Reine

£ 2,800.00 GBP

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A pair of Louis XVI chaises à dossier plat by Martin-Nicolas Delaporte

£ 3,400.00 GBP

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A Pair of Chaises à Dossier Plat by Jean Baptiste Lelarge III

£ 3,200.00 GBP

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Georges Jacob Giltwood Armchair

£ 6,400.00 GBP

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